Virtual Dual NIC

Only $15, you could purchase Virtual Dual NIC and install on 3 computers.

Buy Virtual Dual NIC (US$ 15, Paypal)

30-days trial version

Virtual Dual NIC 3.0 TRIAL (Apr/27/2013)

You could download it from Softpedia, too.

Note: This version is expired and no maintenance for trail version. Please change computer date before Apr/27/2013 before installation.

What’s new

1. minor UI update
2. add buy link to purchase retail version

1. 一些小使用界面更新
2. 增加購買的連結

Release History

Version : 2.2

1. Quick KM is stable version now. This release is for Quick KM.

  a. bug fix : clipboard data sync
  b. UI : re-connect to get new key.
  c. UI : display hotkey number on remote computers.
  d. UI : change indication icons.
  e. UI : new hotkey lists.

2. improve UI : static IP and DHCP shared network environment is easy to set.
3. minor UI update and bug fix.
4. Routing | Show IP now support public IP detection. You could know the availability of load balancing.

中文 :

1. 鍵鼠分享穩定版 , 這一版本是專門為鍵鼠分享的.

  a. 修正 : 剪貼簿同步
  b. 使用界面 : 可以再次連接以取得新密鑰.
  c. 使用界面 : 顯示熱鍵號碼在遠端的電腦畫面.
  d. 使用界面 : 改變指示的圖示.
  e. 使用界面 : 新的熱鍵列表.

2. 使用界面 : 靜態 IP 和動態 IP 共享的網路可以簡單設定.
3. 一些小使用界面更新和修正.
4. 路由設定 | 顯示 IP 可以支持公共 IP 偵測. 你可以知道負載平衡是否可用.

Version : 2.1

1. Virtual Dual NIC is still running even trial date expired. This allows user to remove driver.
2. Fix Quick KM key pressing issue.

中文 :

1. 即使試用過期 Virtual Dual NIC 仍會執行. 這讓使用者可以移除驅動程式.
2. 修正鍵鼠分享的按鍵處理問題.

Version : 2.0

1. Support windows 8 32/64 bits
2. Support wifi network card
3. Support DHCP router environment
4. Update virtual dual NIC driver, change to release build
5. Support Quick Keyboard-mouse sharing switch key change, Ctrl key or
Ctrl+Alt key

Some notebook’s keyboard controller has issue to handle well 3-keys pressing.
For example, ctrl+alt+1.

6. Fix real-time traffic histogram.
7. fix launch dialog issue when running on XP
8. add trial period and expired date checking routine
9. minor ui update

中文 :

1. 支援 windows 8 32/64 位元
2. 支援無線網路卡
3. 支援 IP 分享器的 DHCP 環境
4. 更新虛擬雙網卡的驅動程式,並採用release build方式
5. 支援鍵鼠分享的切換鍵,可選 Ctrl key 或 Ctrl+Alt key

某些 Notebook 的鍵盤控制器在處理 3 鍵時有相容性問題,如 ctrl+alt+1.

6. 修正即時流量圖
7. 修正在 XP 啟動問題
8. 加入試用時間,並修正日期檢查的程式
9. 小部份 UI 修改

Version : 1.9

  • Support Traditional-Chinese language !
  • Setup program also support Traditional-Chinese.
  • Improve user interface.
  • Add icons for user interface.
  • Add new Quick KM connect indication.
  • Fix Quick KM issues.
  • Add uninstall shortcut to start menu.
  • 中文 :

  • 支援繁體中文
  • 安裝程式支援繁體中文
  • 改善使用者界面
  • 使用者界面加入圖示
  • 加入鍵鼠分享的連線指示
  • 修正鍵鼠分享
  • 增加移除程式的捷徑
  • Version : 1.8

  • Add trayicon for Virtual Dual NIC.
  • Run Virtual Dual NIC when system startup.
  • Quick KM, sharing keyboard and mouse among computers.
  • Fix Keep-alive stall issue.
  • Version : 1.7

  • Re-design user interface. It is absolutely easy to use.
  • Improve install and uninstall.
  • Fix Windows XP network configuration issues.
  • Version : 1.6

  • Add a new installation method, private mode. It is suitable for motherboard with dual LAN.
  • This mode installation time is fast but the port will has no Internet connectivity.
  • Version : 1.5

  • Virtual Dual NIC drivers now all signing and Windows 64-bit could install the driver directly.
  • Intel network adapter now works.
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