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Buy Virtual Dual NIC Pro

Virtual Dual NIC Pro is a professional tool for router testing

Retail users may have a lot of computers to connect simultaneously to the router. But for test-lab testing, it is not easy to maintain a large number of machines.

Virtual Dual NIC Pro can solve this problem. It can generate up to 32 virtual network card on a single computer.

So test-lab could easily test and validate the large number of connections to router in a simple environment. It could improve the quality of router testing.

Virtual Dual NIC Pro could set default route to choose the IP you want to test.

Virtual NIC that generated by Virtual Dual NIC Pro

Use Virtual Dual NIC Pro to test router

Benefit of Virtual Dual NIC Pro

  • Improve test quality and reduce test time.
  • High test quality makes fewer RMA and reduce your total cost.
  • High product quality keep your brand name good.
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